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Terms of use

Fixed Price Agreement

Fixed Price Contract will provides peace of mind and allows you to address your business needs by moving the project management responsibilities to us. Please be assured that our industry leading experience and expertise will get the work done as promised. 

The success of any project is mainly in meeting the triple constraints (Scope, Time and Cost goals). We go one step further by adding "Quality" to these constraints. The life cycle of our project is based on the principles defined by PMI (Project Management Institute) the leading organization in project management methodology. We realize the importance of communication management in any project and try to keep the respective stakeholders in constant update.

All fixed price contracts are backed by our standard 3 Week-Post-Delivery-Warranty. Any issues / defects with in defined scope identified during this warranty period will be addressed at no additional cost. Design flaws and addressing the impact of adjustments requested are NOT covered by this warranty. 

Time and Material Agreement

With Time and Material Contracts you gain good control on the project and will enable you to make the project into multiple and smaller sub sections.

With the time and material contract, we will work with you in addressing the specific needs of your project. Our industry knowledge and technical expertise will get to work right away in helping you. These contracts are very helpful when you are looking for innovative ways on cost cutting.

You will be charged only for the work performed and will have a time card for better understanding of costs and expenses.

NO WARRANTY is provided for Time And Material Contract. All invoices are due in 20 calendar days.

Consulting Service Contract

When you are looking for a Perfectly Suitable and Dedicated resource to the term of project life or to a part of the project life, Consulting Service Agreement is the way to go. Our experienced and highly knowledgeable consultants will come on-site and work with you as needed. 

Professional service insurance will be taken on demand with every consultant and a weekly timesheet will be provided to account the consulting services provided. 

A Performance Guarantee will be given under consulting service agreement. With this guarantee, you will get an opportunity to review the performance of our consultants for 2 weeks before you take decision to commit on the contract. If you don't find the suitability of the resource provided, we will replace the resource at NO additional charges and the 2 weeks service charges will be waived. 

Knowledgeable IT Staffing 

Information Technology Staffing is a very challenging task. USATInc will take the responsibility of providing the list of suitable candidates and help you choosing the right staff that are experienced, knowledgeable and suitable team to meet your needs. We don’t charge you a fee to search for talent. You only pay when we find your ideal candidate. We call this our No Solution, No Fee Policy 

Staffing charges on all categories of recruitments includes: 

1) Unlimited number of interviews for finding the candidate up to 3 months from the date of first interview. 

2) Unlimited Tele-Interviews by USATInc for the process of finding suitable candidates.

3) Interview schedule coordination with client and interested suitable candidates.

4) One time, plain and simple charges independent of salary agreed with candidate.

5) Recruitment process will be completed and closed upon agreement of offer between both parties.


Sl. #


Education and Experience

Standard Staffing Charges (In USD)


Level 1

Below Three year degree / 0 - 2 years



Level 2

Three Year Degree / 0 - 3 years



Level 3

Three Year or higher Degree/ 0 - 10 years



Level 4

Three year or higher Degree / 10 Years or more