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Small Business Under Attack

Posted On: Nov 25, 2014

 Small Business Under Attack

Most small businesses depend on their computers and networks to run their businesses these days.  That hardware and software has become a vital part of how they communicate with their customers and suppliers.  

We have all heard the horror stories of computers and entire networks becoming infected with viruses and bringing business to a grinding halt.  There are things that a small business owner can do to protect their business and keep things running smoothly.  Generally, enforcing a few company policies and running anti-virus software on all computers has been good enough in the past.

However, more and more criminals are targeting small business computers and networks.  Large companies have entire departments monitoring and protecting their networks around the clock.  Corporate policies are in place to prevent widespread attacks at most large companies. 

Consequently, the criminals are now turning to easier targets in the small business community.  The crooks have found that many small business owners do not keep their anti-virus software current, and their security policies are lax at best.

In the past 6 months we have seen a dramatic increase in attacks on small business networks.  The attacks are not restricted to any type of business.  We have recently found attacks in some health care, manufacturing, and transportation businesses.  An industry leader in anti-virus protection analyzed all virus attacks in 2010, and found that over 40% were against small business networks,

How does a business become a victim of an attack?  How does an attack get into your network to cause such problems?  What can a small business owner do to keep them from happening?

We will be answering those questions, and more, during a series of articles on small business computer security.  This is the first article in the series.  Future articles will cover the following topics in detail: 

  • What is a computer virus and how is it spread.
  • What business policies can be implemented to prevent an attack?
  • How can computer software help prevent attacks.
  • What should you do if an attack has occurred?

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