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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is USATInc. successful at providing high quality solutions?
We begin planning with a thorough understanding of both the client’s business and the target project objectives. We effectively analyze possible client system solutions and their cost-effectiveness. The result of our analysis is communicated and brainstormed with you our valued client.

We take advantage of the latest marketplace technologies and all emerging opportunities to derive solutions. Proper forecasting, analysis and planning allow us to respond to possible project execution risks with eloquent solutions.
How is USAT unique?
Yes, we are unique because we provide solutions not just computer programs. Our solutions save money during development and with on-going system maintenance without compromising quality. The uniqueness of our business model addresses all your IT needs irrespective of their size, turnover and budget limitations. We are unique because we brainstorm solutions with each client and stakeholders.
Why should I hire USAT Inc, rather an existing vendors?
As a full-service IT solution developer USAT Inc offers expertise in all facets of IT service. We help our customers with their IT need including:
  • Developing solutions based on dynamic business needs.
  • Completing pre-existing projects that were/are in scope, cost or schedule jeopardy.
  • Supplying qualified and knowledgeable consultants when needed.
  • Helping your HR department fulfill IT staffing needs.
In addition to this
  • We invest our time and dedicate ourselves to initially learn and understand your projects.
  • We carry professional insurance on our projects as needed.
  • Current vendor may be too busy to help you.
  • Current vendor may not have resources availability.
  • We have proven cost advantages over many of our competitors. These cost advantages could save your organization a great deal of money on your projects.
  • We have a proven track record of rescuing out of control projects and bringing operation systems back to normal.
  • Your current vendor may not have the expertise to convert legacy system to the latest technology.
How does USAT Inc. save me money on projects?
We analyze the project and look at various cost factors. Then complete a market analysis keeping the project requirements in mind. We utilitze our creative solution expertise to save you money on your project. We reduce your costs by assessing the risks and bringing better risk mitigation mechanisms or risk avoidance ideas on board.
My current IT project is almost failing, can you help?
Yes, we are very confident and have a proven track record taking projects that could be at risk of failure and turning them into successful projects. It is almost always possible to turn this type of risk into opportunity.
We have an IT department but, they are overloaded and can't work on my small idea. Can USAT Inc. help?
Yes, we will be more than happy to help you regardless of your project size. You are not the only organization having this type problem in this market. During economic downturns, many corporations downsize their IT departments and run them understaffed to cut cost. As an efficient manager, you may have identified an idea or project that needs to be implemented to further assist your corporate entity be more profitable.

Often, in corporate world, prototyping ideas would cost more and distract your team from other core projects. We support your great ideas and add our analysis to refine and enhance the business value of your idea.
Why do USAT Inc. soluctions work?
In order to perform any task well, the first requirement is confidence and control of the variables that are involved. We have earned our clients confidence by delivering proven system solutions. Additionally, we develop solutions with you as our partner to better understand your problem. We brainstorm, work with you and inform you of various options available to complete each development solution. YES, we are confident that our solutions work!
I don't know what to do, but want to save money running my business. Can USAT Inc. help?
Yes, please contact us to discuss your business operations needs. We analyze your business operations and identify the various opportunities to save operations cost by either streamlining the process or by automating some of the administrative tasks.
Where do we start?
Please Contact Us with your system idea, problem and/or requirements so we can review & help you get things done quickly, efficiently and save you money.