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Case Studies

Automated Quote Creation in English and Metric Units


The Leading manufacturer of products related to fluid cooling, heating, filtering and controlling, located in South East Michigan, USA


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Services Provided:

Design, Development & Integration of quote creation module.


Challenge: A South East Michigan based manufacturing company approached USATInc with an interest in developing a quotation creation module by taking the parameters in Metric Units rather English Units into a home grown Custom Build IT system. This would also help the sales team cater to the RFQ's from various prospects outside of United States and enable the business organization to perform global business operations.  

Solution: As a custom software development and premium Business IT Solutions provider, USATInc took the challenge along with the Technical and Budget constraints given by the client. Worked with the client, identified the fundamental needs of the business. Also defined the outcome and benefits arrived after completion of the project. Identified that required Hardware & Software components are already available.  Developed a project plan with efforts and hurdles involved along with the business process adjustments required in reaching the goal. The team of experts at USATInc analyzed the variables in the initiative and brainstormed with the client in deriving the right approach to meet the defined objectives of the project. Execution phase of the project started upon the definition of the scope, schedule, budget constraints and Quality measurements. User acceptance criteria is developed at early stages of the project and thus gained the user buy-in  The systematic approach and Project Management methodologies were applied during the course of meeting the challenge.

Result: USATInc was able to successfully complete the desired deliverables and also implemented the solution on Client's network. Configured the servers as part of the implementation. Data integration between legacy home grown customer quote creation mechanism and the newly build module with required functionalities in the initiative. The result while meeting the scope, time and budget constraints were greatly appreciated by the end user community. The project execution lasted approximately Six Months from the kick-off meeting to the completion of implementation. The Business team and Operational Team at the client organization and the end users who are the customers of our client are extremely happy with the outcome. Thus, the initiative improved the possibilities of more business and better relationship with the prospect buyers. Users found the easiness of User Interface greatly saved their time and efforts. The organization was excited with the possibilities of having the same functionality via online quote creation system.   

Technology:  Mac O/S, File Maker, VBA, Microsoft Office Automation, Microsoft Word are the technology pool used by the team of experts at USATInc in creating the Software deliverables.