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Application and Database upgrade - SQL Server 2000 to 2005


Construction division of fortune 500 company


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Application & Database upgrade from Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005


Challenge: Building Technologies division of a fortune 500 company with its four sub-divisions Building Automation, HVAC Products, Fire Safety & Security Products and Security Solutions combines offerings for building security, life safety and building automation within one company as a service and system provider. The client is interested in upgrading it's custom build project management tool to work with Microsoft SQL Server 2005. Upgrading various data import / export mechanics associated with this application is also included in the challenge. 

Solution: As a premium Business IT Solutions provider, USATInc took the challenge and worked with the client in addressing the efforts and hurdles involved. The team of experts at USATInc analyzed the variables in the initiative and brainstormed with the client in deriving the right approach to meet the given task. Project execution is started upon the definition of the scope, schedule, budget and Quality measurements. The systematic approach and Project Management methodologies were put in place during the course of meeting the challenge. 

Result: USATInc was able to deliver the desired result while meeting the scope, time and budget constraints . The project lasted approximately six months from the kick-off meeting to the completion of project deliverables. Because of the improved technology and hardware upgrade done to meet the challenge, the end user will now enjoy the quicker responses while working on the tool and over all improved performance. The data integration is made faster and a greater drop in help calls and system problems is observed. Documentation defining the functionality and steps involved in migrating the solution to production were delivered. USATInc received 100% customer satisfaction and improved over all service reputation with the client.   

Technology: The technologies used by the project team at USATInc include  Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft SQL Server 2005. SQL Service Integration Services (SSIS) along with Microsoft .Net framework is used to upgrade the data transformation mechanism of the system. Visual Studio and Microsoft Office 2007 Automation are used in upgrading the user interface and report generation features of the application to work with SQL Server 2005.