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Risk Analysis and Go/No-Go Decision Process using Outlook Forms


Construction division of fortune 500 company


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Automating Risk Analysis and Pre-Bid approval process using Outlook Forms.


Challenge: Building Technologies division of a fortune 500 company was interested in streamlining the Risk Analysis and Bidding Approval Process so that the sales in North America can be improved. This also help company to take right decision in pursuing the opportunities with an appropriate risk analysis and to gather more information upfront. And also to help the organization in reducing the sales cost.

Solution: At the time and with the available technology in the market, we identified that Microsoft Outlook Forms was the best option to address the challenge. USATInc the premium Business IT Solutions provider, took the challenge and worked with the client in finding the efforts and hurdles involved. The team of experts at USATInc analyzed the variables in the initiative and brainstormed with the client in deriving the right approach to meet the given task. Project execution is started upon the definition of the scope, schedule, budget and Quality measurements. The systematic approach and Project Management methodologies were put in place during the course of meeting the challenge. 

Result: USATInc was able to deliver the desired result while meeting the scope, time and budget constraints . The project lasted approximately six months from the kick-off meeting to the completion of project deliverables. The sales team at the client organization who are the end users of the outcome were very happy about the system implemented. This is a great improvement and quicker way to conclude the decision on the identified opportunities. Tremendous amount of their time is being saved and as well the internal business process is streamlined. This system is enabled the supervisors to understand who is accountable in the event of delay while coming to the decision on the pursuing opportunity. The traditional paper work is replaced with the automatic escalation using Microsoft Outlook helped us to, collect and track the opinion of  every individual party involved in decision making process. Analysis was reported automatically to the higher officials at the end of every month on all the opportunities that are pursued during the month and the approach the field organization taken to get the right projects on board. Print versions of the forms are generated in Microsoft Word Document format and are saved for auditing purposes.

Technology: The technologies used by the project team at USATInc include  Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft Outlook 2003. VB Script, ADO, Outlook Forms, Visual Basic, Crystal Reports. Microsoft Office 2003 Automation is used in generating the print versions of the forms and data entered in the forms. Report generation features of the application developed using Crystal Reports.