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5 Best Practices to remove IT Headaches in Your Business

Posted On: Sep 22, 2017

As the internet connection service providers are giving better and better services compared to

a decade ago. Speed and bandwidth limitations of the internet connections are becoming

better and dependable, the small and midsize businesses are enjoying the rewards of the

advanced technology bringing into their business. While enjoying these benefits, it is important

to take a look at the side effects of this technology advancement and the headaches it is

adding into already overflowing plate of the business management team. With multiple

requests from our customers, we consolidated this “Best Practices” paper to help exclusively the small and mid-sized companies.


a) Security Tools / Controls:

An organization's security policy and controls must be adaptable to emerging threats in

today's world. The assessment of security threats is ongoing, and must be mapped

against the suitability and existence of security monitoring tool(s). Security tools /

controls and counter measures that are currently in in place may not be adequate with

potential risks. The effort is never ending, but knowing how to start or delegating to

someone who can be on top of this is extremely important


b) Backup:

In numerous occasions we experienced that the clients says that they have backup

plan. Yes, in many cases they are changing the tape drives or backup disks every day.

Surprisingly, when we tried to access the data from backup drives, we find that there is

absolutely NO data. Unfortunately, we think, when a process is automated, it will do the

job for ever. So, it is better to have someone actually check the health of the backup

process placed and actual data can be retrieved when needed from backup media.


c) Practice Management Software:

There are so many software packages out there who claim that as the perfect fit for

managing your business. How do we know they are perfect? What are the choices

available out there? How long ago we looked into the alternates options. The

advancement of technology, customer expectations are also rapidly changing. Selection

of a software that can cater to your business and your customer expectation is a key to

the success of your business. If none are a good fit, you can always opt for a custom software development


d) Internet connection:

Almost, all companies we came across (however small or big) are all running

businesses with single point internet connection. Unfortunately, we don’t realize how

dependent we are on Internet and the impact of losing Internet connection for an hour. It

is better to assess, how much is the financial impact, losing internet connection for an

hour? How many hours you lost internet connection in your area in last three years?

Sometimes, it may be cheaper to have a secondary internet connection rather losing the

internet connection once a year.


e) Windows Updates:

We have been asked many times “Do I have to run the windows updates?” The answer

is of course “yes”. When we asked why are you not installing the windows updates, they

answer could be, “I did not know it is turned off!!” or it could be “I am afraid it may cause

issues while running my computer!!” Yes, it is important to install windows updates, but

having someone in your team who can check them before installing would be a great



It is overwhelming, isn’t it? Now, you must be scratching your head. I am sure, manage these

things while running business and taking good care of clients is quite challenging. It is

something where we become the bottleneck of our own business to grow and thrive. It doesn’t

need to be that way!! It is always better to have an expert to come in and take a

second opinion.