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Why Successful Companies Pick Custom Software Development

Posted On: Sep 07, 2017



  A custom software solution is usually for a specific organization or group of users who seek to address the challenges they are facing. When compared to off-the-shelf products, these are not made or developed to be used by everyone. Depending on the business and nature of your organization, not all software is made using the ‘one size fits all’ concept. Hence, custom software solutions are developed to meet your unique business requirements. Furthermore, it is an excellent way to help stay ahead of the curve in a highly competitive market.


You should know that a custom software development would enhance the performance of your business. Irrespective of the type of software, they are prone to get outdated. Businesses are adapting to the constantly changing technological landscape. If a software does not fit to serve your business need, you might not need it anymore. This will result in inefficiency and poor productivity of your business.

In addition, an ideal off-the-shelf software solution could be cheaper than custom software development initially, but it can become costly due to ongoing costs in the form of customer service, licenses, etc. On the contrary, custom software requires huge investment, but are actually cheaper and beneficial in the long run.

Following are the four reasons why custom software development is an excellent choice for your business:

·       Tailor-made solutions

What makes custom software solutions a better choice for your business is that they are designed to match specifications and address challenges of your business. The primary goal is to serve your business needs, which is why developers tailor make it to match your specifications. There have been many instances where businesses spent thousands of dollars only to find the software is not suitable for their business. A custom software solution guarantees to match all your requirements.

·       Secure and reliable

Off–the-shelf software may not be a secure option for your business. They are made for a global audience to address basic busines needs. When compared to bespoke software solutions they are less secure. The primary reason is that the source code of the custom software is not accessible to anyone except the development team. This does not mean it is completely secure as with technological advancements hackers may find a potential path to break into the system.

·       Full ownership of the product

Most off-the-shelf products cannot be bought. They are rented out and business owners pay for software per license or the number of users. It is upto the vendor’s discretion to terminate the contract as per their interest and will. They may change the pricing, offerings or features that may not be in your favor. This will result in jeopardizing everything you have worked so hard for.

In contrast, for custom software solutions you only have to bear development costs and in return you will have full ownership of the product. Not only you can install it in as many systems as you desire, but you will have no restrictions in doing so as well.

·       Unmatched convenience

Off-the-shelf products are ready made solutions and you may be required to tweak business processes or structures to adapt to them. Custom software provides ultimate convenience as they are developed keeping in mind the tools and equipment in hand. You will also save BIG when you choose custom software development over off-the-shelf software.

·       No More Feeling Hostage

Off-the-shelf products are ready made solutions created by one company, who may or may not be there forever. We at Unique Solutions of Advanced Technologies Inc served (and serving) many customers who are using the canned software to run their business and now are feeling that they are held hostage as the product seller are giving them hard time for their request. Some of our customers are in very challenging position as the product selling companies are failed financially and have no funding for updating their canned software. In that case, your business will feel suffocated.