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How is the block chain technology shaping the future?

Posted On: Feb 09, 2018

Block chain is the concept of a decentralized and transparent transaction record in a digital format. Though the technology is at the emerging stage, but it does have a huge potential in terms of disrupting the major industries and the way they function. Disruption makes everything interesting, do.. Read More

2. Positive disruption with blockchain technology

Posted On: Feb 05, 2018

Each time a new technology is being discovered and introduced, it finds itself in a lot of uproar and speculation. I think you agree with me,   don’t you? On one hand, it opens up new avenues and on the other hand, it causes a few disruptions which changes the way the industries functio.. Read More

Revolutionizing with the Block Chain technology

Posted On: Feb 02, 2018

After, all, big discussions, debates and conferences, Blockchain made its way into market about nine years ago.   The technology then was synonymous to the Bitcoin, Right? As the time goes by, this   significant concept has now propagated into all major industries.   What sta.. Read More

Understanding Blockchain Technology

Posted On: Feb 01, 2018

    If you search for the definition of Blockchain technology on the internet, it will say: “The Blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value.&rdq.. Read More


Posted On: Aug 25, 2017

    Have you ever used Business Intelligence and Business Analytics for the same purpose? Do these terms mean the same thing? Technically, both are interchangeable terms and are used by many businesses today. Business Intelligence and Analytics is the process of using data to analyze an.. Read More

Project Management Baselines

Posted On: Nov 24, 2014

What is a Baseline? The approved time phased plan (for a project, a WBS component, a Work package, or a Schedule activity), plus or minus approved project scope, cost, schedule and technical changes. Generally refers to the current baseline, but may refer to the original or some other baseline. Usu.. Read More

Microsoft Access Database (Mdb) Vs Access Data Project (Adp)

Posted On: Sep 13, 2014

Microsoft Access Database (Mdb) Vs Access Data Project (Adp) Both Microsoft Access Database and Access Database Project can be used to develop database management applications. Although their business objective is same, an access data project (.adp file) differs from a regular access database (.mdb.. Read More

Microsoft Access Software Functionalities

Posted On: Jul 09, 2014

Microsoft Access Database Are you thinking of going Green and if you or your organization still making use of a paper forms to store, retrieve and communicate the business critical information, it is high time that you look into converting the paper forms into one of the most simple and flexible Da.. Read More

SQL Server Database Evolution

Posted On: Jul 09, 2014

Birth of SQL Server SQL Server is a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) manufactured by Microsoft. The prior versions of SQL Server 6.0 are SQL Server 1.0 and SQL Server 4.2 (which most of the recent developers doesn't even know they were exist) originated from Sybase SQL Server. The firs.. Read More

Comparison of Organizational Structures

Posted On: Jul 09, 2014

Comparison of Organizational Structures. Organization Structure Functional Matrix Projectized Project Characteristics Weak Matrix Balanced Matrix Strong Matrix             Project Manager’s Authority Little or None Limited (Co.. Read More