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FoxPro DB Conversion

“My company’s application is written in FoxPro / Microsoft Visual FoxPro. Do I have to convert from Visual FoxPro now?”

Technology is a rapidly changing industry. Advances and improvements are made every day. These advances are used to develop tomorrow’s cutting edge hardware, software, and operating systems. As technology improves, programs and applications must stay up to date to be compatible with the most current systems that will become the standard.

Microsoft produced a popular programming language called Visual FoxPro in 1995. The most current version, 9.0, was released in 2004.

Microsoft stopped mainstream support for Visual Foxpro on January 12, 2010. Microsoft continued support under their extended support until January 13, 2015. As of right now, there are no plans by Microsoft to release any further updates or patches for FoxPro

As of today, FoxPro’s 32-bit architecture is not terribly out of date and still functions with current systems. However, applications and programs written in FoxPro may not be compatible with emerging systems as technology continues to advance.

If your company hopes to continue to use your program or application in the future, it will need to be converted from Visual FoxPro to a programming language that is compatible with emerging technology. Fortunately, FoxProConvert and our Four-Step Conversion Process are here to help make the change as easy and painless as possible!

“What does this mean for my company?”

Visual FoxPro is now retired. As new technology emerges that has advanced beyond the capabilities of Microsoft Visual FoxPro, your program or application written in FoxPro is not guaranteed to work within these systems. By the time your program or application no longer works with current systems, you may have a difficult time locating a professional adept in Visual FoxPro who can help you convert.

It is very prudent to plan ahead for the future of your application. Your company will need to allot time for redevelopment, testing and deployment of a new, more up to date and progressive solution for your program or application.

Don’t wait – the time to convert your application is now, while it is still compatible with current systems. That way, there won’t be a period where your program or application is rendered inoperable because it is incompatible with emerging technology.

 “Got it. So what do we convert our application to?”

Micosoft Visual FoxPro, with its object-oriented, data-centric design, really has no equal counterpart or obvious successor. While a huge array of programming languages and tools are available, none of them are exactly like Visual FoxPro.

FoxPro is unique because of its Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment, which made it an excellent tool for creating a desktop database application. Visual FoxPro also utilized the implementation of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) principles, meaning code written in FoxPro was both quick to write and easy to maintain. Technical points and acronyms aside, the point is a major system written in FoxPro will require significant effort to be redeveloped using a more current programming tool.

Alternatives to Visual FoxPro

There is no ‘update’ for Visual FoxPro, analog program, or simple way to convert your existing Visual FoxPro application to another platform. Luckily, there are many ways to successfully move your FoxPro data to other database formats, such as the Microsoft SQL Sever.

While your data can be easily transferred, the programs and user interface of your company’s application will need to be redesigned using a current programming language.

What Industry Recommends

If company hopes to use and update your application in the future, we recommend converting your company’s application from FoxPro to Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

.NET is a family of related development technologies. The most popular of Microsoft’s development products, a great number of talented programmers, technicians, and professionals are proficient at working within the .NET environment.

FoxPro Conversion Process

Using .NET, it is possible to create traditional desktop applications as well as browser-based applications that are capable of running on an internet server.

We recommends using Microsoft SQL Server (even free version) to transfer and store your data. Microsoft SQL Server has quickly become the industry standard not only in Metro Detroit, Michigan, or the United States, but around the globe. SQL Server’s inter-operability makes it capable or working with other products and technologies.

FoxProConvertion, a network of FoxPro experts, can be of assistance to your company considers the large undertaking of converting your application. Converting means will prepare your company for the future and allow your application and systems to stay current with today’s technology. FoxProConvertion history with FoxPro, as well as SQL Server, gives us a unique ability to convert applications built on literally the entire library of FoxPro applications. 

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