We Can Help You Work Remote

We are currently helping companies set up virtual offices for their employees to work from home. We can create a safe connection to your employee's home network with live updates into your database.
USAT Inc. remains open and dedicated to helping small businesses in Metro Detroit, if you have any urgent IT needs please contact us. Small business is the backbone of the American economy and we are here for anyone who needs help working remote.
Our prayers are with the millions of Americans affected by COVID-19.

Our Services

Custom Software Development

We create software that does exactly what you need. We provide full source code and ownership to any software we create. Never pay monthly or annual fees. 

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We make websites from scratch that are totally customizable, secure, and cost-effective for small businesses. 

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Data Migration

Find out how USAT inc. can help you with your Legacy Applications One of the biggest challenges for enterprise businesses is effectively.

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Outdated Legacy Modernization

Update your existing software, keep your data safe and never pay monthly fees.  

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IT Managed Services

We act as your I.T department, data-driven consultation, quick responses, and deep trust.

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Mobile App Development

For larger projects, or to fill a one-time need, USATInc offers a full range of IT consultants and staffing solutions. 

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About Us

We are in Royal Oak, Michigan and we've been helping small businesses save money on I.T since 2006.  Our team is comprised of experienced developers and business analysts, we use our deep industry knowledge and years of experience to help businesses find solutions that work for them. We know your business is unique and there are no "cookie-cutter" solutions. We act as the IT department for small businesses by providing a full honest analysis, several data-backed solutions, and meaningful insight into your business process. 

Every project we create is custom and unique, with over 10 years of experience we've seen it all and stand ready to help no matter what your company needs. 

Here are some common problems we hear from our clients:

"My software is outdated but is crucial to our business process and all our client data is on there"

"Our software is very expensive and has too many features we don't even use" 

"Our customers are demanding to order online"

"I need to track my costs on each job and pull reports instantly" 

Whatever you need, we can find a practical way to get there. 

Sree and Ryan from USATINC

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