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Microsoft Excel - A nice and useful list of ShortCuts

Posted On: Nov 25, 2014

 Microsoft Excel Shortcuts - List 1

Often you puzzled to figure out how to quickly perform a routine step while working on any application. Shortcuts are a great way of getting this done. But, it would be difficult to remember all the shortcuts on any given office application. Here are some of useful shortcuts on Microsoft Excel.  

  • Ctrl + Space will select a column 

  • Shift + Space will select a row

  • Ctrl + Arrow Key moves the cursor along a series of cells

  • Ctrl + Page Up (or Page Down) will cycle through your worksheets

  • Alt + = brings up the Auto Sum feature. Although it usually “guesses” correctly which cells to sum, if it is incorrect it is simple to fix. 

  • The F4 key will repeat the last command you performed 

  • Alt + I and then R will insert a row 

  • Alt + I and then C will insert, you guessed it, a column 

  • Shift + F11 is to insert a whole new worksheet, use  

  • Ctrl + Shift + 1 formats the cell as a number (with two decimals)

  • Ctrl + Shift + 3 formats it as a date

  • Ctrl + Shift + 4 gives you currency

  • Ctrl + Shift + 5 formats as percent

  • Ctrl + Shift + # will allow let you remove all formatting from a cell, use