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Fun with Microsoft Outlook - Voting with Microsoft Outlook

Posted On: Nov 25, 2014

Fun with Microsoft Outlook

Voting can be done with Outlook

Do you frequently find yourself trying to figure out where you want to go for your next lunch? Why not take a fun election. Outlook offers a nifty little feature that will help make some of your decision-making way less labor-intensive with lot more fun. If you want to start a vote with your co-workers or friends, here is how?

1.       Start by opening a new message in Outlook. You can also reply to an existing message.

2.       If you are using Outlook 2003 or earlier, click the Options button in the message toolbar.

3.       Under Voting and Tracking Options, check the box for Use Voting Buttons.

4.       If you are using Outlook 2007, go to the Options tab and in the Tracking section click Use Voting Buttons

5.       Click on the voting button names you want. You can also create your own voting button names by deleting the default button names and typing in the text you want, separating the button names with semicolons.

6.       Make sure to type in a question that your recipients can vote on, and send away.

7.       When they vote by clicking on a button, they will be asked to click and send the message back to you. Open each vote message so that Outlook can count them

8.       After all of the votes have been received, go to your Sent Items folder and open the original email. Up near the top of that email message you will find a Tracking tab that will display your voting totals! See, I told you it was fun

First time you use this feature. I know you find yourself a nice topic at lunch to talk about