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What is Job Costing Software?

Posted On: Nov 24, 2014

Job Costing refers to accounting and budgeting for a task to estimate resource requirements and to find the actual cost to business, which in turns helps calculate the selling price of goods and services.

You may be making profits in your business, but do you know how much? In this era of advanced technology it is not required to manually calculate and maintain data related to the products and offerings of your company in order to estimate the profits. Job Costing software is used to feed in information about all related costs at your convenience and it also manipulates that data. Based on the profits you desire, your job costing software determines at what price you must sell your commodity.

Many organizations rely on spreadsheets to do entries and calculations to first find out the costs and then add profits to it. However, what job costing software can do greatly helps an organization in critical business decision making. Reporting is one of the prominent features of job costing software, using reports; business owners can visualize the trends in cost and profits. These reports can later be used when a similar task needs to be done, instead of starting the evaluation of resources, the data from archived reports may be used in order to set a baseline for the new task.

Feeding data into Job Costing software is relatively simpler, the software has designated fields that need to be populated with the data, when you fill in the data, you simply save that data in the software, formatting and organization is taken care of by the software. Also, if you have invoices and receipts, it can be coupled with a particular record as an attachment; this ensures all the data is stacked together. With the help of good job costing software, you can greatly reduce time and effort required to do the financial budgeting required in any task. As the software curtails manual calculations, it also ensures error free output (no human error). To make sure that the end user does the correct input in the software, job costing software is designed intelligently with an interface which is comfortable and easy for end users to understand and work.

Out of the multitude of job costing softwares available in the market today, there may be some that may partially accommodate the needs of your business. If you need a solution that exactly fits your requirements, consult software development companies who would be able to tailor custom software for you, that will look and feel exactly as you like and will have only the features you desire, that way it is easy for you and your employees to get accustomed to the software.