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Direct and Indirect Interaction with Database

Posted On: Nov 24, 2014

A database is a collection of computerized operational\transactional data that is used by business users for supporting their day to day business activities. Database Management Systems are software that aid data storage, retrieval, manipulation of data.

A front end software application is an application that allows interaction with the database without having to know the technicalities of database itself. It is a user interface facilitating easy data storage, retrieval, visual calculations, reporting etc. Most databases are implemented using complex database management systems. End user may interact with a database directly or indirectly depending on their knowledge of the database implementation and the Database Management System. In order to understand and work with a DBMS directly, the end user must have at least working knowledge of the DBMS and be able to make inferences out of the data available as output from the database, which is mostly in tabular format (rows and columns).

Indirect interaction with a database however requires little or no knowledge of the underlying database. Using a front end software application to access information stored in a database is a convenient option for most businesses. Front end software application can easily be coupled with DBMS in a way that data flow connection channel is established between the application and DBMS, and then the database management system (which is managing the database) is able to do storing, fetching and all other operations on behalf of the end user.

The scope of a database greatly varies from organization to organization and people at different levels within the organization. The magnitude of database interaction depends on level of DB expertise of the personnel, how frequently they access the database, the amount of data itself. For a relatively smaller magnitude of database interaction, learning the basics of DB usage would do. However for huge daily interactions, it is utmost required to have detailed knowledge or a meticulous front end software application that must be able to take care of heavy DB interaction requests.

Front end applications usually have forms and reports that are obviously easy to visualize and thus aid in making inferences or performing any analytical tasks. In organizational setting it is a boon to have a front end user interface software application. By having that, users can be authorized to have access only to data that they need, thus all the systems are secured. It is easily adapted by users of different levels of technical sophistication.

Professional IT service providers like USATInc are specialized in implementing a database for business or personal use using RDBMS and also designing, developing and connecting it with front end applications that will help in indirect interaction with the DB.